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Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise

At the heart of Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia can be found one of the continent's main party destinations, Surfers Paradise. For quite some time, Surfers Paradise (also called "Surfers" by many) has always been synonymous to bronzed lifesavers, bikini clad gold meter maids, high-rise hotels, surf beaches and numerous apartment buildings. In other words, Surfer Paradise is synonymous to fun and exquisite holiday vacations.

Vacationers have always associated Surfers Paradise with laid-back lifestyle. To most people, that is very ideal because that is how vacations and getaways should always be, laid back. Aside from that, nobody could ever ignore and overlook Surfers Paradise's many other tourism offerings like designer shopping centers, cosmopolitan dining options, pulsating nightlife and of course, the famous and sought-after nighttime beachfront markets.

The location of Surfers Paradise is very strategic. Surfers Paradise is in the middle of Gold Coast, which in turn is among Australia's most significant and well known tourist spots. Surfers Paradise is a vibrant hotspot and an entertainment capital of the state all at the same time. The community is a perfect destination and vacation spot for athletes, party crowds, families and of course, the luxurious and opulent celebrities and high-profile personalities.

Because Surfers Paradise is overlooking the Pacific Ocean to the east, vacationers really love splurging into its beaches and enjoying the sun. The climate is subtropical and is very ideal for outdoor fun and recreational activities. Whether you like to skinny dip in the beach water, enjoy the sun, play volleyball or do other fun activities like skydiving, hot air balloon riding and parasailing, Surfers Paradise surely will be your paradise under the sun.

To complete the family vacation as an event, there are numerous theme parks that can be found within the premises of Surfers Paradise. Among these parks are the White Water World, the Warner Brothers Movie World, Sea World, Dreamworld, Le Mans Kart Racing center and Tamborine Mountains. Breath taking are the amusement rides and features of the Adrenalin Park.

In Surfers Paradise, every single night can be a night of festivities. It is very usual that the ambiance and streets of Surfers Paradise is in festive mood each night, especially when tourists and vacationers splurge to enjoy the night and do some little social drinking. There is also the concept of retail and shopping therapy, wherein vacationers are treated to late night shopping experiences at the Surfers Paradise's night shopping district. There are 14 of those special shopping centers and arcades that operate seven days every week from mornings until the wee hours.

There are hundreds of delectable and enticing restaurants, serving the freshest tropical fruits and freshly caught seafood. Wagyu beef, alfresco dining meals and boutique wines are also to die for. Simply put, Surfers Paradise is literally a vacation paradise.

• Surfers Paradise is situated on Australia’s east coast, approximately 860km north of Sydney and 80km south of Brisbane
• Surfers Paradise is 5 minutes from the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre by road
• Surfers Paradise is 15 minutes from the Nerang Train Station
• Surfers Paradise is 30 minutes from major theme parks by road
• Surfers Paradise is 30 minutes from the Gold Coast hinterland by road

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