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Australian Outback Spectacular


Australian Outback Spectacular is an amazing evening dinner show depicting Australian culture and heritage, our unique Australian landscape and Australian native characters. Enjoy singing, dancing, music, drama and action all held within a huge shed designed to make you feel like you're sitting in a shearing shed in the Australian outback. A traditional Australian meal will be served during Australian Outback Spectacular including a Queensland Salad and Australian damper and finished off with bush billy tea.


Don't miss experiencing the spirit of the Australian Outback while visiting the Gold Coast!


Conrad Jupiters Dance of Desire Show


Have an evening filled with passion and excitement as 25 dancers and musicians showcase their talents and bring it all to the stage in a heart-pumping show “Dance of Desire”. This stage show is fresh direct from Dublin and will unfold the best of Irish dancing with dazzling routines held here live at Conrad Jupiters. Purchase a dinner and show package and enjoy a meal at a restaurant of your choice in Jupiters before watching the show.


Dance of Desire is performed in Conrad Jupiters for a limited time and is continuing to wow the Australian audience.


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


Get up close with hundreds and hundreds of Australian animals as they roam around in a 27 hectare block of land filled with picturesque gardens, lush eucalyptus trees and beautiful rainforest in Currumbin on the Gold Coast. There are a lot of visitors coming by in order to experience a one-on-one encounter with Australian wildlife. Have the chance to cuddle a koala, get an up close encounter with a crocodile, take a photo of kangaroos hopping by with their cute little joeys, or simply admire how beautiful Australian wildlife is.


Come and visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary!


Draculas Cabaret Restaurant and Show


An unforgettable evening that will surely lead your body to chill and scream for more! Dine at the most spectacular and thrilling restaurant on the Gold Coast, Draculas Cabaret Restaurant and Show. Be served your meal and drinks by spooky draculas and pirates, while watching a fast paced show to amuse your visual senses. Taste the best of Australian cuisine made out of fresh produce served with one of the restaurant’s top wines or spooky cocktails. 


What are you waiting for? Visit Draculas Cabaret Restaurant and Show!




Indulge yourself and the entire family into an escape of a virtual reality show with futuristic maze that will surely be a hit with the kids. A 40-minute Infinity experience will give you a whole new adventure that will be enjoyed and treasured for many years to come.


For sure hit family fun in Gold Coast, Infinity is the way to go!


Paradise Country Farm Tour


A beautiful paradise right in the heart of a 12 hectare farm that offers visitors a half-day farm tour which includes cuddling a koala, feeding the kangaroos, watching stockmen perform, and whip cracking to name a few.


Paradise Country Farm Tour is a must try experience! It will make a lot of kids and adults alike enjoy the beauty of the farm while immersing oneself into the colorful and rich Australian culture.


Q Deck


Q Deck is Australia’s tallest beachside observation deck. Let Q Deck take you to a place where you never been before that is the highest point right above the Gold Coast while giving you magnificent 360 degrees worth of views from the beautiful beaches right around to the marvelous Gold Coast hinterland region.


Get mesmerized by the beauty that only Gold Coast can bring to you, where else but Q Deck!



Tropical Fruit World


One of the best sought after agri-tourist destinations is Tropical Fruit World. It has the widest collection of different kinds of rare and tropical fruits in the world. A must see attraction that will make you in total awe, as you discover every fruit specie available in this wonderful plantation paradise.


Gold Coast is proud to offer to you one of its most beautiful attractions, Tropical Fruit World! Bring along your friends and family to experience nature at its best.

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