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Gold Coast Beaches

Gold Coast Beaches



Which part of the world refers to a wide strip of white sand beach where you can have a taste of the local brew, take your pick from a variety of accommodation and dining options, and offers you an amazing view of surf, sun and sand? This is none other the beaches along the coastal strip of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. When you add to these the fact that the Gold Coast also has beautiful rainforest, a myriad of man-made and natural attractions plus a dynamic nightlife and more, it sounds like this part of Queensland, Australia is where you can have your dream vacation.


Gold Coast Beaches: More than Just Surfers Paradise


The coasts of Australia are well known as a premier destination frequented by the best surfers in the world, including the stretches of beautiful Gold Coast beaches.  However, beach bums who would like nothing more than to catch a little sunshine and sunbathe, people-watch and lounge on the beach would also find the Gold Coast beaches to be the perfect setting for their next holiday or break away from work. Many hotels, resorts and apartments in the Gold Coast are located on the beach front or located only a short stroll to the white sand beaches.


First, let us take a look at what Surfers Paradise is all about. The Gold Coast is considered to be a high-profile tourist destination for Australians and international visitors alike, then its constituent city called Surfers Paradise located in the heart of the Gold Coast is what the ultimate sun, sand and surf getaway is all about. Take a Gold Coast vacation and the beach destination can be a place where you can have a sip of the local Australian beer, take your pick from a wide array of cheap hotels, resorts, motels or apartments to stay in, and go shopping, wining and dining to your heart’s delight because of the many fine dining options that the Gold Coast has to offer.


Although other Gold Coast beaches seem to be only secondary to the iconic Surfers Paradise beach in terms of popularity, they are no less beautiful and exciting to stay at. For example, there’s Broadbeach which is located about 3 kilometers south of Surfers Paradise and is ideal if you don’t want to deal with a thick crowd, something which is a typical sight on Surfers Paradise beaches in the middle of summer. North Burleigh is located further south of Broadbeach with a popular surf break, and its counterpart is the more popular Burleigh Heads which is great for outings with the entire family. There’s also Mermaid Beach, as well as the unpopulated beaches along South Stradbroke Island. You can even venture further to south Gold Coast beaches to Greenmount Bay, Kirra Beach, Currumbin Beach, Coolangatta and Rainbow Bay to soak up the sun, surf and sand. As you can see, there’s an entire world of exquisite Gold Coast beaches which are just waiting to be discovered – so schedule a trip and make your way towards this part of Queensland, Australia now!


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