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Main Beach

Main Beach

Queensland is a holiday state. Within it can be found the holiday destination of Gold Coast, which in turn is also comprised of many suburban centers. Main Beach is among those centers. If Surfers Paradise is the nightlife center of Gold Coast and Broadbeach is the center for numerous accommodations, Main Beach is the center for the elite vacationers and travelers.

Across the tree-lined streets of the Main Beach can be found luxury high-rise apartments, million dollar vacation homes and several specialty stores, which cater to the opulent and wealthy vacationers. Main Beach is sophisticated and classy and logically, is a very expensive vacation destination. The busiest street of Tedder Avenue can very well summarize the extravagance and opulence of Main Beach.

The climate is the principal factor that draws tourists and vacationers into Main Beach. Like the rest of Gold Coast suburbs, climate in Main Beach is characterized as subtropical. January to March are the wettest months, when storms and cyclones frequent the place and cause floods and thunder storms at times. All year round, climate and weather are good for outdoor and recreational activities. June to August are winter months, and are drier periods in Main Beach. Despite the low temperatures, many tourists and vacationers still come over during those months.

Main Beach is perfect as a holiday and vacation destination for almost all types of vacationers, regardless of age. However, there can be unwritten restrictions because as mentioned, costs in Main Beach can get really astronomical. Experts and travel advocates advise vacationers and travelers on tight and limited budgets to book flights and accommodations at other Gold Coast suburbs instead of going to Main Beach.

Geographically, Main Beach is strategically located at a site where vacationers could have easy access. Main Beach is at the south of Brisbane, which is Queensland state's capital city. Main Beach also marks the beginning of the stretch of the Gold Coast region. The suburb is overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the east and the Nerang River estuary or Broadwater on the other side. Spit is a sandbar in Main Beach where exclusive hotel resorts in the area can be found.

Among the most popular outdoor and recreational activities done in Main Beach are surfing, surf fishing, diving and kite surfing. For shoppers, Main Beach hosts a number of the most exclusive and expensive boutiques and retail shops like the Marina Mirage shopping center and the Sheraton Mirage. In these Main Beach shopping complexes can be found top fashion labels and specialty jewelry, furniture and fashion products.

As for nightlife, there is not much in Main Beach. But Surfers Paradise, the nightspot area of Gold Coast is very nearby, offering opportunities for Main Beach vacationers to just hop around and enjoy fun parties all night long.

Sites of interest in Main Beach include: Tedder Avenue, SeaWorld, SeaWorld Resort, Marina Mirage, Palazzo Versace, The Spit, Main Beach Park, Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa.

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