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Gold Coast is a tourism center in Queensland. Just like other tourist spots, there are specific areas for specific fun activities. In the suburban areas of the city can be found the community of Broadbeach. For quite some time, travelers are experts have always described and referred to the center as the cosmopolitan area of Gold Coast.

There are many striking similarities between Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise, another tourist suburban center in Gold Coast. For one, both centers are known to cater mostly to shoppers as there are major malls within the areas. The malls serve not just as retail and shopping venues but also as transportation hubs, where almost all modes of land transports can be found and hired to other surrounding places.

Geographically, Broadbeach's location is very strategic. It is just about a five-minute drive away from Surfers Paradise. From the nearby Coolongatta airport, it would take a 25-minute car ride. The climate in Broadbeach is also like the rest of the Gold Coast region, subtropical. Wet and dry seasons characterize weathers. January to March are overly wet as cyclones and storms become regular and frequent weather occurrences. For the rest of the year, the weather becomes cold and dry, ideal for outdoor fun activities.

The beaches at Broadbeach are as great as those in Surfers Paradise, only that Broadbeach has less population in comparison. Aside from the finest beaches, many establishments complement the exquisite vacation experiences Broadbeach has to offer. There are about 100 restaurants that are offering the best and sumptuous menus to both international and domestic vacationers. What is more exciting about dining out in Broadbeach is that you do not need to be bothered by potential traffic congestion because as mentioned, the population in the suburb center is much less in comparison.

As for shopping experiences, Oasis Shopping center and Pacific Fair are the most exciting within the premises of Broadbeach. These malls offer more than what are offered in Surfers Paradise. The malls are also facilitating time out to enjoy the sun amid comfort and coziness provided by air conditioners.

As for entertainment hubs, Broadbeach has some casinos, like the Conrad Jupiters. Take note that the Broadbeach casino is not just all about gambling. Regularly, there are special shows made for adults and kids. The shows are meant to entertain, relax and incite fun and quality, wholesome entertainment.

What's more? Broadbeach is offering the best relaxation facilities and establishments. In the suburb can be found some Broadbeach spa resorts. Queensland Avenue in Broadbeach is where Meditation Institute can be found, where yoga classes are scheduled. Phoenician Spa Retreat is a Moroccan style spa resort in Broadbeach.

As for events, Broadbeach can provide some interesting happenings. Included is a free event called Opera on the Beach in October and November. Blues on Broadbeach facilitate convergence of local and offshore musicians on the third week of May.

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