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Activities in the Gold Coast Hinterland

The Gold Coast, Australia is a wonderful place that you should take a vacation to. It’s a paradise on its own right. From all the magnificent destinations at Gold Coast, the hinterland region is dubbed as one of the best tourist destinations in Gold Coast.


Here are few Gold Coast Hinterland activities that you will surely enjoy:


1.       Balloon Aloft Australia


Go up in the sky inside a balloon basket with Balloon Aloft Australia. It is the country’s oldest and also the most experienced company in the field of ballooning. The wonderful time to take off is during dawn where you can witness the beauty of sunrise.


2.       Go Skydive


Get the chance to be picked up in a limousine and head approximately 14,000 ft. up in the sky and have 60 seconds of free-fall with a speed of 220 km/hr! Have a wonderful waterfront landing. You get tons of free stuff too. Nothing beat this adrenalin rush experience. You will have free champagne on your way back after your skydive.


3.       The Boomerang Farm Golf Course


This golf course is located in Mudgeeraba. It is surrounded with semi-tropical scenery and beautiful landscape with wonderful wildlife.


4.       Tamborine Mountain Trail Rides


Want to experience the beauty of 115-hectare rainforest? Then, engage yourself into an activity at Tamborine Mountain Trail Rides. You can go horse riding following suit on rainforest trails as well as mountain tracks while marveling over scenic views.


5.       Tiger Moth Joy Flights


If you are up for the best joy ride ever in your life, then hop into Tiger Moth Joy Flights. You will both enjoy the beautiful scenery while having breath-taking aerobatic adventures over the Gold Coast Hinterland.


Whether you are young or young at heart, there will always be the right Gold Coast Hinterland activity that fits your taste during your trip to the Gold Coast!


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